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Pixie Lott takes on Japan

Pixie Lott for Elle Japan

GD&TOP featured on Pixie Lott's Japanese Debut CD

Universal Music Japan recently published the tracklist of British pop star Pixie Lott's Japanese edition of her studio album, Young Foolish Happy, which will be released on March 21st.

The studio album will be composed of a total of 23 tracks, including a collaboration song called "Dancing On My Own" featuring, none other than, Big Bang's sub-unit, GD&TOP.

According to 10asiae, Pixie Lott's rep claims that the singer made a connection with the K-pop duo after watching their music videos, and wanted to work with them.

Pixie Lott debuted with her single, Mama Do, in 2009 and has been ranking highly in the charts. So far she has produced eight Top 20 Singles on the UK Singles Chart.

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