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Domoto Tsuyoshi "Eni wo Yuite" will be used as Departure music in Kintetsu line

Starting March 20th, one of Domoto Tsuyoshi solo singles "Eni wo Yuite" will be used as Departure music in Kintetsu limited express train. It will run on 5 Kintetsu stations: Nara Station, Kashihara-Jingumae Station, Kyoto Station, Osaka Uehommachi Station, and Osaka-Agenobashi Station. Kintetsu (Kinki Nippon Tetsudo) is Japan's largest private railway company. It operates a complex network of lines in the Kinki region, connecting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Tsu, Ise, and Gifu. Domoto Tsuyoshi himself is served as Nara Special Sightseeing Ambassador, and single Eni wo Yuite which released last year is a love song to Japan, recorded at shrines and believed to have connections to Nara’s entertainment and music industries. The song will be used for about 1 year.

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** it will be a pleasant trip indeed. Nara,wait for me!
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