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Aya Ueto 25ans magazine April issue scans + translated interview!

AU: "Lately, I've been experimenting with different clothes and having fun trying out new looks."

Aya Ueto, 26, makes her appearance in vibrant and gorgeous outfits by Escada. She is evolving into adulthood in style.

AU: "I really love the colors of Escada and the feeling of their clothes. Purple and yellow is a great color combination and definitely colors I would pick for my own wardrobe"

The photographer for this shoot is none other than Leslie Kee and apparently Ueto and him have a long history shooting commercials together.

AU: "It's our first time working on a magazine or fashion shoot together, so we were really happy about that. He's always my focus when we do shoots."

The perfect coordination of all the elements of this shoot revealed the many faces of Ueto, from her trademark smile to a never-before-seen alluring look.

AU: "Up until recently, the image of 'Aya Ueto' was something we all discussed in team, but now I'm free to do whatever I want and that's something I'm really enjoying"

What was the turning point?

AU: "The past 10 years since my debut, I've always been running. So, internally, I felt like I had completed whatever it was I set out to do. My agency gave me a passing mark for it, basically telling me that it's okay if I take the next step up"

This shift has certainly influenced her personal life too, starting with her wardrobe.

AU: "I used to be into a more boyish look with baggier clothes and that's all I had in my closet. But now that I'm making the conscious effort to wear different clothes, my closet's gone through some extreme changes."

Her way of thinking on socializing has also changed.

AU: "I really don't have that many friends from the industry. I used to not be able to make the distinction between the genuine people who liked me for me and the others who were simply into Aya Ueto. I befriended everyone only to end up experiencing some pretty depressing things. I found myself building walls in order to protect myself. Recently though I've felt really annoyed with these walls and right now I'm in a state of emancipation."

Now in her late twenties, Ueto is taking the step up into adulthood with beaming optimism. Lastly, I asked her about her ideal image of an elegant adult woman.

AU: "Someone who is clean and whose natural beauty exudes sexyness. Not only someone who can be made up to look sexy with makeup but one who can be sexy even when bare-faced. I want to age naturally and become a confident woman."

translation: baboona

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