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Arama Original: Ameblo net idols

There isn't a clear definition, but from time to time a net idol is defined as someone who makes their start on the internet. To me, a net idol is a regular person whose main field of activity is focused on the internet. But it is very likely for them to branch out, for example, I would consider Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a net idol because she started out as a fashion blogger. She eventually became a (reader) model for Zipper! and KERA and from there her popularity went up!

Ameba Blog is a blog and social networking site. It is normally abbreviated as ameblo. Blogs can be assigned to various genres, include mama, high school student, Girls' Diary and even net idol. Every blog is counted for a ranking, there's a daily ranking, monthly ranking and ranking withing genres.

The idols in this ranking range from regular people to AV stars, models and singers. I thought it'd be interesting to explore another kind of idol since I normally focus on large scale idol groups, local idols, AV idols and gravure idols. The Japanese net idols here are quite different from the other ones in Asia.

Mizuki Erika - Mizuki Erika 'Colorful Days'
Mizuki Erika is a model who lives in Osaka.
Hobbies: cooking
Favorite meals: yakiniku, udon and walleye pollack roe
Favorite celebs: Gackt, Nishikawa Takanori, JE's Nakayama Yuma, Ayumi Hamasaki, Sawajiri Erika, Yoshikawa Hinano,
Favorite musicians: Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and AAA.

Magical☆Takumin (Charidoru) - Self-styled Charidoru (Road bike)'s Magical☆Cycling
Magical☆Takumin (Charidoru) is male, according to his profile. He was born on 1985/4/25 and is a programmer for a living. From his blog, it's obvious to see that he's a big cycling fan. He currently lives in Tokyo. His goal is to take part in the Honolulu Century Ride 2012. And thus this blog is dedicated to it.
Hobbies: Personal computer, shopping, cycling

Kotona - Kotona☆koto raifu
Kotona, an Okinawan currently living in Tokyo, is born in 1988/2/11 and works as a model, talent and musician. She has appeared in magazines such as EDGE Style and Nail Up, as well as TV Asahi's Morning Bird and Nihon TV's SUNDAY COUNTDOWN SHOW Shu-ichi.
Hobbies: Piano, song writing
Favorite meals: curry
Favorite celebs: Sorimachi Takashi, Kuriyama Chiaki
Favorite musicians: NELLY

Ayaki Emi - Ayaki Emi natural style
Ayaki Emi, born in Hyogo on 12/03, is a gravure idol, musician and actress. She currently resides in the Kanagawa prefecture. She is also a member of the dance-vocals unit, Rcatraz.
Hobbies: knitted stuffed toys, scuba diving
Favorite meal: boiled gyoza
Disliked food: bell pepper
favorite musicians: sound horizon

MYO48 Official - MYO48 Official Blog ~ MYO48 Official Blog
How to explain it...MYO48 is named after Japan's no. 1 girl group, AKB48. They have a sister unit MYO46, named after AKB48's rival group, Nogizaka46. Ameba Pigg is a Japanese blog virtual community in which users can customize their avatar, socialize with people around the world using virtual places included in the game like Shibuya 106 and the Statue Of Liberty. So that's what the MYO48 blog is focused on. Some friends got together to form MYO48 and they make pigg fanvids of AKB48 songs. I can't help but say how cute their blog is, I could cry. They even have a maid cafe, and the list of members.

Taniguchi Yurika - Taniguchi Yurika's yurimero blog
Yurika is someone who doesn't have much information of her out. She is a model, having done work for DANCE CRANE and D-salon. She is also a salon model for Rush Japan.

Erimero - Erimero mero World (*´д`*)☆ミ
There are not many information on this girl. Except that she's an otaku. She's a fan of idols such as AKB48, berryz kubou, momoiro cloverz and s/mileage.

Akiha Chihiro - Akiha Chihiro's ☆Chiichii ♪Love Diary☆
Chihiro lives in Osaka. Ah, she doesn't give much information about herself in regards to herself. She has done work as a gravure model and a race model. She has also appear in a couple Kansai television shows.
Hobbies: Watching martial arts, Driving
Favorite food: Pasta, fish, pastries
Favorite sport: volleyball
Favorite musicians: EXILE, Kubokuro

수아 - hand in hand
The blogger's name is Sua. Sua is Korean and her blog is mainly about Korea. She has the goal of studying abroad.
Hobbies: Make-up research, internet, manga
Favorite food: Anything spicy
Hated food: Eating the same thing over and over
Favorite sport: Anything
Favorite celebs: Ikuta Toma, Miyazaki Aoi
Favorite artist: Tohoshinki (DBSK)
Favorite music: Wester music, K-pop and anime music

Ria - Ria's blog
Not enough information is given about Ria except that her blog is really recent. And she takes mainly cleavage pictures.

Fujita Eriko - Fujita Eriko Official Blog
Eriko was born 1988/2/22 in Hokkaido but currently lives in Tokyo. She currently works as a gravure idol talent.
Hobbies: Dieting, beauty information gathering
Favorite food: Cod roe, spaghetti
Hated food: Parsley
Favorite celebs: Abe Sadao, Okada Junichi, Mukai Osamu, Yoshikawa Hinano, Fukatsu Eri, Hoshino Aki
Favorite artists: aiko, ketsumeishi

Rin Pumora - Kirarin Pumoraaaa
Rin was born on 1996/11/16 was born and currently lives Toyama. She aspires to be a top idol. She's really cute.
Hobbies: Dancing, eating, sleeping, Going on Youtube

143cm H-cup 18 year old ☆ Runa Amamiya @ 7th blog - 143cm H-cup 18 year old ☆ Runa Amamiya @ 7th dayo
As her name says, she's 18 years old, born on 1993/7/14. She works as a gravure idol. She was born in Osaka and later moved to Tokyo.
Hobbies: Anime, cosplay
Favorite food: Anything, especially soba
Hated food: dragon fruit
Favorite animal: Dog, cat, zebra

Nari ( *`ω´) - Nari tsuushin (°ω°=) Yazawa Nari ( *`ω´)
Nari was born 1988/4/17 is a model and works on a fashion show. She also does work for net tv show. She was born and still lives in Chiba.
Hobbes: collecting anime DVDs, aroma massages
Favorite food: Octopus dumplings, okonomiyaki
Favorite sport: snowboarding

Hokkaido no Yama - Yama no Ari Ginga
Yama is a guy born in 1978/12/19. He was born in the Kansai region and now lives in Hokkaido. He is also a fan of ManaKana and is interested in the sky, galaxies and ants.
Hobbies: Galaxy
Favorite food: udon (cooked in water), udon, udon sered in a pot with broth
Favorite celebs: Mikura Kana, Mikura Mana
Favorite artists: Kamizono Sayaka, ManaKana, Yutaka Usui

Ririca (Yuki Usagi) - ★☆Love Ririca☆★
Ririca is a new-half AV actress and model born on 1991/7/12. Truly a gorgeous woman who lives in Tokyo. She debuted as an AV actress in her own dvd 'Debut! Bijin Sugiru Newhalf 20 year old Ririca'.
Hobbies: Shopping, TV Games
Favorite food: Tamago kake gohan
Hated food: Coriander
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite celeb: Kendo Kobayashi, Michibata Jessica
Favorite artist: Mariah Carey

Candyfloss ~Ikebukuro Maid Rifure Store~ - CF☆Staff
This is the staff blog for what seems to be a maid cafe. This is used by the girls of the cafe to blog about themselves. As well as giving shop updates. Candyfloss has a maid staff of 21 girls. The theme of the maid cafe is high school girls.

Amiyan-_-☆ - Tada no AKB48 Wota Youtube Resident Amiyan BLOG
Amiyan recently started up her blog. Her favorite member of AKB48 is Sato Amina. She is a female high school student. Finding her Youtube page, you will be amazed. As expected, some of the biggest collection of idol merch belong to girls. What can I say Amiyan? Lol, she's my favorite for obvious reasons. But she also has a cute voice. She's not only a fan of AKB48 but Berryz Kubou as well. Maybe next, I should make a post about female idol fans' collections since I subscribe to many.

Yamachaan - Yamachaan's blog
Yamachaan is a guy born on 1976/9/13. He works in relation to PC. He was born in Hokkaido and lives in Sapporo City. He runs a maid Kissa fansite. He doesn't have much information.

Asahina Marin - Asyahina-san
Rin is born on Children's Day (May 5th). She is a professional cosplayer under Idol Journal Yashiro. She was born in Kagoshima and currently lives in Tokyo.
Hobbies: Cosplay
Favorite Food: Pasta
Hated food: Manila clam
Favorite sport: Archery
Favorite artist: Asyahina-san
Favorite music: AKB48's

Sakurada Kaworu - Sakurada Kawaru Official Blog SAKURADA FAMILLIA
She is born on 1989/12/9. According to her profile, she's a mystery idol.
Hobbies: That's a secret
Favorite food: French cuisine
Favorites sports: Skiing
Favorite celebs: Fan Bingbing
Favorite artist: Sugiyama Noriaki

Miina - Bishoujo Seikatsu
I don't know how to explain this girl. May I shouldn't? I always found the anime head to be really scary. But this seems really peculiar to me. She likes to wear costumes.

Honey drops shop manager and maid - Honey drop's Blog
As the name says, this is the blog for a maid cafe in Azabujuuban. This holds all the information on the girls and the cafe itself.

Hikari - Azuma Hikari no Maemuki LIFE #
Hikari was born on 1992/2/6, she's aiming to be an actress but is also a gravure idol. She was born and currently lives in Tokyo.
Hobbies: Shopping, Photography, One-person karaoke
Favorite food: Curry, omurice, ramen
Hated food: Anything with mushrooms
Favorite celebs: Gackt, Fukatsu Eri

source: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Net Idol

Would Arama be interested in a post about female wota/otaku and/or Japanese youtube dancers?
Tags: gravure/av, idols, super kawaii

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