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General Nice Girl Project!/TNX Stuff

For those who don't know, Nice Girl Project! refers to a group of artists produced by Tsunku. At the moment, it consists of THE Possible and Tokki. Their releases are under TNX, Tsunku's record company. 

THE Possible consists of Akiyama Yurika (19), Hashimoto Aina (19), Morozuka Kanami (22), Okada Robin Shouko (19), and Goto Yuki (18). All were former Hello!Project Eggs and graduated in 2007. This is their live single Kibou to Seishun no Hikari ~Come On! Pika! Pika!~

THE Possible will be releasing their second album, 2 Shiawase no Akashi, on March 28th.

1. Sakurairo no Romanchikku
2. Denko Sekka Baby!
3. Watashi no Miryoku
4. LOVE^2 Paradise
5. I LOVE YOU Watashi no Kimi
6. Shiawase Hanabi Go Go GO! ~Buchinomese! Dai Pinch!~
7. Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~
8. Shiawase no Shou
9. Kibou to Seishun no Hikari
10. Shiawase no Katachi
11. Play Ball (THE Possible ver.) <Joshi Pro Baseball Official Theme Song>

Karen (18) is an enka singer. This is her fifth single Junjou Hanafubuki:

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NGP/TNX has some of Tsunku's best singers, and in my opinion, most of his best songs go to them. Probably because releases are more sporadic and he has more freedom to what he wants musically. It's sad that he doesn't spend as much time on them. The members also show up on Tsuntube, Tsunku's TV show, fairly often. Most of them do gravure magazines and DVDs as well. Tokki is their most popular model, but I don't have anything of her to share right now.
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