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Fukuhara Miho to debut as an actress in upcoming spring drama "Kaeru no Oujo-sama"

It has been announced on the 16th that Fukuhara Miho will debut as an actress in Fuji TV's new and upcoming drama "Kaeru no Oujo-sama", starring along with lead actress Amami Yuki! And Miho was recommended by none other but Amami Yuki-sama herself.

Miho will play a new member to Chansons (the Mama-sans group the story is centered around), Haneda Minami(? 羽田南), an ex "Yankee"/deliquent youth who works at a hostess club to raise her son as a single mother. 

Amami-sama recommended Fukuhara because the cast members will be involved in a lot of singing and dancing and she was very impressed by Fukuhara's singing ability after watching her performance (the one where she sings in a church in LA around the time of her debut) on TV.

When asked whether she'd continue as an actress, Miho answered "I don't think so. This time they needed singers in the cast. When they asked me to take part in the drama, they told me their thoughts to 'use music to bring up the spirit in Japan after the 311 earthquake and to cheer people up after seeing this drama.' I personally wanted to contribute, even just a little bit, to this energy through this drama, and so I decided to take on the role."

Drama will air every Thursday 10pm starting April 12!!!

Miho's official website
Miho's facebook
Miho's twitter
Drama website
News source #1
News source #2

LOL English name of the drama is Princess of the Frog? Interesting.... and OMG now that I looked into it I realized Tamayama Tetsuji♥ and Koizumi Koutaro are in it too! 'tis a season with promising dramas!

p.s. Sorry the translation was done entirely by me so ummm... yeah it's gonna suck a bit. Feel free to add to it :)
p.p.s. There's no tag for Amami Yuki???? I'm disappointed!
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