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1:45 pm - 03/17/2012

half-Bangladeshi goddess ROLA to make her CD debut

It’s been revealed that talento Rola will be making her solo CD debut!

Rola made her debut as a singer in October of last year in ISSA × SoulJa’s single, “I Hate You“. Although she’s usually known for her silly personality, Rola gained a lot of attention as a artist through this song. The music video has even reached over 3 million views on YouTube.

Rola will sing the CM song for the cosmetics brand, “BRIGITTE“, and will also challenge herself to an English song by a foreign producer.

The release date, title, and other details on the single has not been revealed at this time, but it will be released from Universal Music International. Rola, who will become label mates with Lady Gaga and Madonna, commented, “I like singing, so I want to make it a cheerful pop song that will deliver my feelings. Right now, I love Madonna, Jessie James, and M.I.A.“.

Rola opened up her official Twitter account in late-February and is already followed by over 400,000 people.


yes, Japan's actor-->singer usually suck but their models--> singers are usually amazing
and her voice is actually good
love323able 17th-Mar-2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
Excited for this!
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