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Kawaguchi Haruna and Hayami Mokomichi to star in new comedy-mystery drama

Actress Kawaguchi Haruna and actor Hayami Mokomichi will star in a new mystery-comedy drama called “Houkago wa Mystery to tomo ni“.

Kawaguchi will play the main protagonist, ‘Kirigamine Ryou‘, a tomboyish second year student, while Hayami will play the role of a ‘Ishizaki Hiromi‘, a teacher. Kirigamine is the vice-president of detective club and she is trying to solve mysterious affairs happening at the school. However her reasoning tends to be full of faults. Luckily though, by help from the people around her, such as Ishizaki, she ends up solving mysteries.

Kawaguchi said she is excited to costar with Hayami especially since this is their first time working together on a comedy drama. She also mentioned that her she likes her character, because she has a “strange, cool air” about her and is odd, but still can make everybody laugh.

The drama is based on a short manga series by Higashigawa Tokuya from his “Koigakubo Academy Detective Club” series. It’s set around Koigakubo Academy just on the outskirts of Tokyo with a detective club.

Hayami commented that the dialogue between the two characters is funny and that everything about Ishizaki is “disgusting”, from the dirty clothes to messy hair.

The drama will start April 23rd at 00:20~00:59 AM and will run for 10 episodes.


sounds awesome, I was shocked when I found out this girl is only 17
and yay Mokomichi! ide even remember the last time I have seen him anything
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