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Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Koji starring in award-winning TV Movie

The young Actors Yamamoto Yusuke (21) and Seto Koji (21) attended on wednesday Fuji TVs "21th Young Script Award" ceremony, held in Tokyo. Both are starring in the Movie "Rinne no Ame" (Rain of Reincarnation) after an original script by Sayaka Kuwamura (27). This work with a strong sociality about two brothers who are bound to each other and struggle in a hard reality with the absurdity of society and despair, received high praise from the judges, and was chosen as Grand Prize Winner from among 1450 applicants in total. Filming ended in the end of October and the broadcasting is scheduled for December on Fuji TV.

Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Koji

With their mother dead and abandoned by the father are the brothers Kouhei (Yamamoto Yusuke) and Shuhei (Seto Koji) Mikami living together and share a close bond. Both are working at the same factory, where the intellectually disabled, autistic Shuhei is violently abused by the plant manager on a daily base. One day, when he finds out, Kouhei kills the man in affect and deprives money. He buries the corpse in the mountains with his younger brothers help. During the criminal investigation is it Shuhei who soon draws the attention of the Detectives on the Mikami brothers through his diffus behavior and words. Even through he is unable to comprehend the homicide of his older brother and doesn´t understand the situation, the Police uses Shuhei as deciding factor in arresting the murderer.

Shuhei and Kouhei Kouhei and Shuhei Kouhei

Source: Fuji TV
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