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Child actor Suzuki Fuku to star in a drama as a middle-aged detective

On March 17th, it was announced that popular child actor Suzuki Fuku (7) will star in TBS‘ new drama series ‘Kodomo Keisatsu

In the drama, Suzuki will play a middle-aged veteran detective at the special investigation division of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department whose body transformed into that of a child by breathing in a special gas when he chased after an evil organization named ‘Red Venus’.

Honda Miyu

As Suzuki’s co-workers, Sexy Zone member, Marius Yo (11) and Honda Miyu (7) will also make appearances.  Honda’s role will be a female detective who is around thirty years old, while Mauris will be playing an elite detective who is also in his thirties.  As with Suzuki’s role, both of them are also transformed into children’s bodies.

It was also revealed that as a rookie detective who is treated as an underling by Suzuki and other detectives, Katsuji Ryo (25) will make an appearance.

Suzuki is challenging the difficult role as he speaks in a low voice to the staff members at meetings. He commented, “I even hold a gun.  It’s so cool, and I feel that I became a detective, like a hero.”

“Kodomo Keisatsu” will start airing on April 17th on TBS every Tuesday at 12:55 am.

Source & Image: Sanspo (1 + 2) & tokyohive

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