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Koda Kumi appears on Hoshino Aki’s blog looking healthy

Koda Kumi, who is pregnant with her first child, appeared healthy on Hoshino Aki’s blog as she attended a ‘Mama Party’.

The group of mothers and soon-to-be mothers had lunch at Kanda Uno’s house. Kanda recently had her first baby last October. The members of the “Mama Party” were Kanda Uno, Hoshino Aki, Nakanishi Mona, and Koda Kumi. Kanda and the other women were able to chat and discuss questions and concerns they have about motherhood.

Kanda also posted a March 17th blog entry that she visited Koda Kumi’s house and had a fun lunch with Koda and her husband KENJI03. Kanda took a shot with KENJI03 and posted, “Kuu-chan is here with no make-up on, so I didn’t want to be rude and take a picture.

Koda Kumi is expected to deliver her baby this summer.

Source: Model Press

Image: Hoshino Aki blog  & tokyohive

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