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mini to release new album “ELECT HACO BAMBAM PICASSO” in May

(27) plans to release her first album “ELECT HACO BAM BAM PICASSO” on May 9th.

She debuted in 2010 with a beautiful voice and beautiful legs that are insured for 100 million yen (~1,199,470 USD). She’s waited until the time was right for the release of her new album with 12 songs diverse songs full of variety. The album will include her debut song and her new song “Special memory”.

The name of the album comes from pro wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow and artist Picasso to create an album that is “exceptionally full of destructive power”. mini pridefully commented, “It’s hardcore and electro, with destructive power that is also very artistic. I’m quite confident in it.”

Here's her last single for those of you who've never heard of her~

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CRYING. THIS HAS BEEN LONG OVERDUE!! It won't include GiRLS SPiRiT though?! (Or CANDY GIRL 2011 in that matter?!) WELL WHATEVER, STILL EXCITED AS HELL! That title though... lol. Also, Special memory isn't a new song though... another TokyoHive fail.
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