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Aya Ueto beauty Q&A in April issue of CREA

Q: First thing you do after waking up in the morning?

A: "Brush my teeth."

Q: What's your quick fix for morning puffiness and grogginess?

A: "I like to give myself a neck massage in the shower. If I have time, I do some morning yoga."

Q: How many meals a day do you eat?

A: "When I'm working I eat 4 to 5 meals a day. On my days off, I often eat about 1 meal and a half. If I have it in front of me I'll eat, but if I don't then that's fine too."

Q: How much alcohol do you drink in a week?

A: "If I go out with co-stars who drink, then I'll drink with them. If not, then I'm fine with ordering tea."

Q: Do you wear make-up on your days off?

A: "I usually don't."

Q: How do you wash your body?

A: "I like to use a coarse body scrub towel. As for the actual bath, I use oils and creams to thoroughly moisturize."

Q: What is your average sleep cycle?

A: "Roughly 3 hours a day when I'm filming a drama, but on my days off I like to turn off my alarm and sleep for about 7 to 13 hours."

Q: What do your wear to bed?

A: "A long shirt and tights."

Q: When did you first start caring for your figure?

A: "When I was 17. I was told to go on a diet for a film and it was at that time that I started to take better care of my body and skin."

Q: How would you rate your skin?

A: "I'm still going through some winter dryness so right now I would say 70%."

Q: What kind of woman do you see yourself becoming in 5, 10 years from now?

A: "An actress with a life story. I love working with actresses who come to work and you can tell they have a family at home. I really admire women who can balance family and work."

Q: What beauty item do you never go without?

A: "My Nike yogawear. I'm really into yoga. I go whenever I can and take the normal group lessons."

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