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AAA Another Side of #AAABEST Album - Solo Audio Rips

AAA recently released an album, Another Side of #AAABEST Album, a compilation album of previous B-sides from singles as well as special solo renditions by each of the 7 members of known AAA songs.

The solo renditions of all these 7 songs can be heard here!!

1. Takahiro Nishijima - Winter lander!!

2. Sueyoshi Shuta - Akireru Kurai Wagamama Jiyuu


3. Mitsuhiro Hidaka - Kuchibiru Kara Romantica

4. Misako Uno - Chewing Gum

5. Chiaki Ito - One Night Animal

6. Urata Naoya - Zero

7. Shinjiro Atae - Tabidachi no Uta

Hii...never thought I'll post for this fandom again...but I did lol. long time no see AAA peeps.
Actually arranged this to my order of preference of the songss.
Yeahh Nissy's and Shuta's renditions of their respective songs were my favouritess!! <3
Nissy's vocals are just sooo sooo GOOOD! I wanna hear a solo single from him now!!! ASAFAFSFMSKKSNF.
And Shuty's voice is sooo perfectttt and niceeee.
More people need to know of its flawlessness *shot*

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