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Kase Ryo gets caught off guard by Toda Erika’s chic get-up

On March 21st, Kase Ryo and Toda Erika, the starring actors of the upcoming movie “SPEC~Ten~", attended a press conference in Tokyo to commemorate the completion of the movie.

In the movie Toda portrays the role of ‘Toma Saya’, a peculiar and gyoza-loving detective who couldn’t care less about her fashion. However, at the event she pleasantly surprised the media and her co-star with a chic black dress and hairdo. Kase was in awe and praised her, “I was really surprised when Toda came out. It’s a change beyond recognition.”

Toda smiled and replied, “I’ve been together with Kase for the whole day for promotions of the movie, but when I changed my outfit from the Toma in the movie into this dress he unintentionally said ‘Woah!’ (laughs). I thought the same when I saw his reaction.” Further she added, “The outfit of Kase today is nice, too. He usually wears comfortable clothes, but today he’s wearing something that even has a collar. Again, ‘Woah!’”

In relation to the theme of the movie, they were also asked about which kind of ‘SPEC’ (special ability) they’d like to have in real life.

Toda answered, “I want to have the SPEC that lets me remember a whole script after reading it once. The script for this movie was really long again. Right from the beginning I told the director Tsutsumi that I’m not confident in my memory of the script.”
Tsutsumi Yukihiko responded, “You say that yet you remembered it perfectly. Are you sure that you aren’t a holder of this SPEC already?”
Kase’s answer had a bit of a revengeful background. He said, “In the movie, the SPEC of Kamiki Ryunosuke allows him to stop time and the time always gets stopped when I’m in an awkward situation. I guess it would be a great feeling if I was able to use the same ability and make him stay in one position right in front of me.”

Fukuda Saki also attended the press conference and offered another funny response. “If I could be the holder of a SPEC, I’d like to have one that helps me to avoid the constant and skillful teasing from Kase.”

Shiina Kippei, Ryu Raita, Ito Atsushi, Kuriyama Chiaki, and Asano Yuko were present at the event as well.

“SPEC~Ten~” is scheduled to open in Japan on April 7th.

more pics at Tokyohive | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Everyone looked great!!! and I really can't wait for this movie!
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