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Mika Nakashima dating volleyball player Shimizu Kunihiro?

Singer and actress Nakashima Mika (29) is reportedly dating volleyball player Shimizu Kunihiro (25), a member of the men’s national team who plays for the Panasonic Panthers (based in Osaka). According to the Sports Nippon newspaper, the two started dating about half a year ago.

Nakashima is said to be a volleyball fan, and she has gone to watch Premier League matches many times. A friend introduced her to Shimizu, and they began dating after that.

Shimizu is one of the best attackers on Japan’s national team, and at 21 years old he was the youngest on the team during the 2008 Olympic Games. Due to his physique, he is also known by the nickname “Gori.”

When asked about the relationship, a PR representative for the Panasonic Panthers stated that it had nothing to say because it is a private matter.


Mika in love! I hope this is true
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