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MILKY BUNNY holds her first one-man live

On March 21st, model Masuwaka Tsubasa (MILKY BUNNY) held her first one-man live to commemorate the release of her first album, “MILKY BUNNY“.

Masuwaka was originally scheduled to hold the concert on the 20th. However, she was forced to cancel it due to poor health conditions. She commented, “Everyone was looking forward to it, so I am filled with regret. But today, I am so spirited that I feel like I’ve already fully recovered.

Out of lottery, 100 lucky people who bought the album were invited to the event. Masuwaka livened up the crowd by performing a total of 7 songs with a live band.

During the encore, she sang “Milk Shake SOS!“, while the song’s producer, former JUDY AND MARY member TAKUYA, warmly watched over her.

Tags: model, music/musician

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