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Fairies to have their own show!

According to a popular Japanese magazine "JUNON", it seems that Fairies will have their own TV show called 原宿キラキラ学院 (Harajuku Kirakira Gakuen)! It translates to "Harajuku Shining School". Harajuku is a really popular part of Tokyo. The brodacast will start from April 1st (17:00~18:00).

There are three features to the show.
1. Instead of doing their usual singing business, they do karate, gymnastics, etc.
2. The members cover pop songs from the 80's that hit the charts before they were born (Madonna "Like A Virgin", Eternal, TLC, Kylee Minogue, etc.)
3. They report the latest fashion trends of Harajuku for junior high school students
Ito Momoka (14) said "We thought karaoke is very useful for our performance!! For example, the thrust and roundhouse kicks in karate are can be useful training for the trunk, and the breath control is useful when it comes to singing. It's full of useful things! We hope we can learn more useful things for our activity as artists through this show!!"
Okada Keisuke (43) from the comic duo "Masuda Okada" will take responsibility for the MC.

Translated by AAAsalvation on Fairies Unofficial Site

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