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Did Oguri Shun hit on Queen Yuko before his marriage?

With Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu’s recent marriage, its supposed to be a happy occasion… but unfortunately some new rumors have arisen regarding Oguri’s cheating.

Oguri, known for his inability to keep away from women, was allegedly caught frantically hitting on a popular idol in the waiting period for his marriage.

The popular idol Oguri made advances on was Oshima Yuko (23) of AKB48.

Oguri, who apparently has the hots for Oshima, got his actor friend ‘T’, who has worked with Oshima before, to set up a get-together. Allegedly, Oguri was very insistent on his demand. Its said at the get-together, between both of them was a good atmosphere.

Yamada Yu is said to know about Oguri’s womanizing very well but has abandoned hope on the matter, but if it comes out he cheated with a national idol, things won’t go well…

It is unknown exactly what intent Oguri had with being set up with Oshima Yuko, although its possible… it was that kind of intention. It looks like the married Yamada Yu is in for some hardships.

ugh please stay away from the flawless kween yuko

Tags: oguri shun, oshima yuko, rumour

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