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Kuroki Meisa makes first public appearance after marriage

On March 26th, actress Kuroki Meisa attended a product launch event for Bandai’s “Smart Pet“. This marked her first public appearance after getting married to Akanishi Jin early last month.

To kick off the event, Kuroki reported, “I know I have caused everyone worries and troubles with the sudden announcement, but I got married on February 2nd.” She continued, “I’m happy. My physical condition is alright also.

When asked about her rumored pregnancy, Kuroki kept silent and muttered, “I will talk about it at another time.

Bandai’s new “Smart Pet” is a pet robot that operates together with an iPod or an iPhone. It features over 100 functions including games, speech and face recognition. “Smart Pet” will officially launch on April 28th.

In the CM, Kuroki can be seen dancing with the “Smart Pet”, becoming captivated by its cuteness. The actress shared that she plays with the robot pet off-set, and promoted the product saying, “I think it’s a fun CM. By all means, please keep it at home (as a pet).

The new CM will feature Kuroki’s new song, “FRENEMY“, and will broadcast nationwide starting March 27th.

Check out pictures from the event below!

Source & Photos: Oricon
and tokyohive

She looks sooo pretty and happy....where is the baby bump?
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