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NICO Touches the Walls will release a 10th single and 2nd PV Collection DVD

An official announcement has finally been made for NICO's upcoming single CD release~! "Natsu no Daisankakukei" will be released on May 16!  At the same time, NICO will release their 2nd PV compilation dvd, "Library vol.2."

Natsu no Daisankakukei

On March 20, NICO's summer song,"Natsu no Daisankakukei," was unveiled at their "Ground of HUMANIA" concert at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba.  The very same day, new Calpis Water's CM titled "Zenryoku no Kimi ni LIVE Junbi" featuring the song was broadcasted nationwide. "Natsu no Daisankakukei" was also released digitally via Recochoku on March 21.

It has also been revealed that Furumura Daisuke(Gt) recently gave songwriting a shot and his very first song will be the coupling new song titled, "Yuudachi March"! The third song on the single is a cover of Kazagi Shizuko's "Rappa to Musume." According to wikipedia, "Kazagi Shizuko was a popular Japanese jazz singer and actress. During the Occupation of Japan, she became a mega star singing songs influenced by American jazz and boogie woogie. She appeared in the 1948 film Drunken Angel directed by Akira Kurosawa."

The single comes in two versions, Normal Edition (CD only) for ¥1.223 and Limited Edition (CD+DVD) for ¥1,470. The bonus DVD on the LE will include a clip of the live performance of "Natsu no Daisankakukei" at Chiba Makuhari Messe Event Hall on March 20. It will also include the documentary of the Calpis Water CM shoot.

Natsu no Daisankakukei
2012.05.16 Release
★LImited Edition (CD+DVD) 
KSCL2023-2024 ¥1.470(tax in)
★Normal Edition (CD only) 
KSCL2025 ¥1.223(tax in)

1. Natsu no Daisankakukei (夏の大三角形)
2. Yuudachi March (夕立マーチ)
3. Rappa to Musume (ラッパと娘)
4. Natsu no Daisankakukei instrumental (夏の大三角形instrumental)
5. Yuudachi March instrumental (夕立マーチ instrumental)
1. 「Natsu no Daisankakukei」Live ver. (3/20@Makuhari Peformance) (「夏の大三角形」Live ver. (3/20@幕張公演))
2. CM documentary

Library vol.2

"Library vol.2" is a music clip collection dvd that includes a total of 7 music videos from "Sudden Death Game" (2010) up until their latest PV, "Bicycle"(2011), as well as the CM song. This dvd costs ¥2,500.

Library vol.2
2012.5.16 Release
Music Clip DVD
KSBL6025 ¥2.500(tax in)

1. Sudden Death Game (サドンデスゲーム)
2. Diver
3. Mousoutaiin A (妄想隊員A)
4. Matryoshka (マトリョーシカ)
5. Te wo Tatake (手をたたけ)
6. Endless roll
7. Bicycle (バイシクル)

NICO Nico Pack

The first press of "Natsu no Daisankakukei" and PV collection "Library vol.2" will be released in one package called "NICO Nico Pack." Only 5,000 sets will be produced. This very limited set costs ¥3.970.

『NICO ニコ パック』 Limited Packaging
Single 「Natsu no Daisankakukei」+DVD「Library vol.2」 (CD+2DVD)
KSCL2020-2022 ¥3.970(tax in)
※Only 5000 Limited sets!

Jackets for the upcoming releases has yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

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