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Meisa Kuroki's first official appearance since her marriage + new PV

On the 26th in the Tokyo area at a presentation for the promotion of Bandai's new "Smart Pet" CM character, actress Meisa Kuroki appeared on stage. This was her first official appearance since married former KAT-TUN member, singer Jin Akanishi. She addressed the audience by saying "I'm sorry for worrying you and causing trouble, however I've entered into the family registry on February second". The host said "You seem happy" to Meisa. Meisa responded with a smile, saying "Thank you very much". However, she would not comment on the her pregnancy, ignoring questions from reporters by saying only "Maybe I can report on that at another time", then quickly leaving the stage.

Meisa is also be releasing a new digital single entitled "FRENEMY", produced and written by D.I (Daisuke Imai). It is a tie-up with the "Smart Pet" character, and it can be seen in the PV that has already been made available on the Sony Music youtube channel.

Source: Yahoo! Japan (appearance news; translation by me) + Daisuke Imai's facebook (PV)
I saw the video from the press conference on TV - the press kept yelling out questions about her pregnancy and she just kept smiling. It was quite awkward imho. The announcer commented that her breasts look bigger, so yeah...also, this is my first post did I do it wrong?
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