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Ueto Aya shows that she can be more than just cute in ‘Numero TOKYO’

Popular actress Ueto Aya is making a sexy appearance in the fashion magazine ‘Numero TOKYO‘ for its May edition (on sale March 28th).

Ueto is known for her rather innocent image and beautiful smile, which earned her the title of the ‘CM Queen’ more than just once over the recent years. However, in the magazine she’s going to swap that image of hers for a more mature and bewitching image. In the one picture released as a preview, she can be seen wearing a sexy dress that highlights her perfect body line.

The interview that comes with the photo spread is also going to look behind her smiling face. She looks back at her life as an actress; a life that didn’t spare her any time to relax since her breakthrough in the drama ‘San-nen B-gumi Kinpachi-sensei‘ in 2001. Moreover, she talks about her family, her ideal type, and reveals her thoughts about marriage.

In public, Ueto always maintains her cheerful and bright image, “but at the core I’m actually introverted.” She also revealed that when she’s walking together with her close friend Becky on the street, many people only recognize Becky and hand Ueto the camera to take a picture. Therefore, she thinks that she’s lacking something; “I guess I don’t have that certain aura.

Since her debut, she suffered from the gap between her public image and her real self. Both her parents were always working, causing her to have a rather lonely childhood, which is why she’s looking forward to a bright future with a loving husband and children. “I want to become an actress who can experience life to the fullest.

For more pictures and the full interview, you’ll have to get the latest edition of ‘Numero TOKYO’ once it goes on sale on March 28th.

Sources: Model Press, Numero TOKYO and tokyohive

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