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subARASHIki sekai

Journalist Ikegami, actress Amami voted ideal bosses

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company surveyed this year’s new graduates about their “Ideal Boss,” and results revealed that the majority of new male employees would like to have journalist Akira Ikegami, 61, as their superior, while women would prefer actress Yuki Amami, 44.

Amami was also voted No. 1 last year and in 2010, while Ikegami replaces Seattle Mariners’ Ichiro as No. 1 in the survey of 966 employees.

Many men explained that they chose Ikegami as their most ideal boss because of his knowledge of current affairs and the ease with which he explains them. Amami was voted most ideal by women because “She seems the sort of person who would give good advice.”


Tags: actor/actress, polls/ranking

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