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miwa to release PV collection in DVD/Blu-ray including fan request PV

After releasing her 2nd album around 2 weeks ago, singer-songwriter miwa announced that she will release a PV collection from her first debut single don't cry anymore to her latest 8th single before 2nd album, Kataomoi in DVD and Blu-ray format. Details below.

2012.06.06 release 「miwa clips vol.1」
10PVs + Offshots Image (a.k.a Making of)
DVD: SRBL-1529/¥3800(tax in)
Blu-ray: SRXL-29/¥4400(tax in)

Apparently, the first press edition will have a sleeve case as a bonus, still not sure though.

miwa stated in her radio show last Tuesday that due to fans request, her song titled "Ikutsu ni Natte mo" (which is the official theme song for Ouran High School Host Club the movie) will get a PV, and the PV is in progress. The PV will be included to this release as well and it makes the DVD has 9 PVs total, but there's still more.

Fans is allowed to vote for which song from her that should have a PV and will be included to this release later. Fans also could give the idea of the PV and give the reason, why you want that song have a PV. The great news is, overseas fans is allowed to vote as well, here's the procedure.

Just visit the vote page:
Fill the form and choose the song you want to vote. In case if you didn't understand Japanese...

※ = you have to fill it
メールアドレス ※ (email address)
性別 ※ (sex) -> 男性 (Male) / 女性 (female)
年齢 ※ (age)
都道府県 ※ (prefecture) -> choose 日本国外 for foreigner

選んだ理由 (reason why you choose the song)
こんなビデオクリップがみたい (your ideas for the PV)

I don't find any sentence mentioning that we should write our idea in Japanese, so I guess it's okay if we use English, but Japanese would be better anyway.

The Deadline for voting is April 5th, 23:59:59 (Japan Time / GMT+9).

She also mentioned that in this first PV collection, it will contains AT LEAST 10 PVs, so there's a chance that it will contains more than 10 PVs.

SOURCE: 1 + 2

I think it's a nice idea tbh and please help with some voting, at least promote it anyway
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