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AKB48’s Itano Tomomi & EXILE’s Takahiro rumored to be in a relationship

The latest issue of weekly tabloid ‘Shukan Bunshun‘, which will officially hit news stands on March 29th, is going to reveal an alleged relationship between AKB48’s Itano Tomomi and EXILE’s Takahiro. The first photographs of the article already made it onto the web, and quickly became a hot topic on various bulletin boards and Twitter.

Shukan Bunshun has not only received testimonies from people around them who claim that they are serious, and also obtaining pictures that indicate that Itano and Takahiro are living in the same multi-storied apartment complex. Apparently, Itano is living on one of the lower floors while Takahiro has rented an apartment on an upper floor. They often have been spotted coming home at around the same time, hinting at possible dates after work.

One or more of such dates have already happened at a yakiniku restaurant, which is said to be one of Takahiro’s most favorite restaurants, in close proximity to the apartment complex. The tabloid has witness reports of the couple going there together at the end of last year.

Another crucial piece of evidence that makes the alleged relationship all the more possible is that the two of them have been spotted wearing couple rings in early February 2012.

Itano’s agency didn’t deny that they had a meal together, but they clarified that the outing took place together with their managers. EXILE’s side outright denied that Takahiro ever had a meal with Itano at all.

Reactions towards this article have been mixed so far. Many people don’t really believe it or don’t want to believe it, while others already bring up the topic of another graduation coming soon.

Sources: RBB Today, EntameScoop, 2ch and tokyohive

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