liime_arix (liime_arix) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

The Gaza queen of Japan, AKANE announces that she's working on her next release

The ever perfect, Gaza queen of Japan, AKANE is currently working on her next release. AKANE is a female dancehall reggae singer of the next generation. She is extremely talented and has done numerous song compilations and collabs. She debuted in October of '05 with her first album, 'one'. Since then she has been supplying her gracious fans with the best J-reggae tunes.

AKANE, like many J-reggae artists, goes straight to the heart of reggae, Jamaica to record some of her heart hitting songs. She has collaborated with multiple Jamaica reggae artists such as BUSY SIGNAL and Timberlee.

She's at it again. Around this time last week, the gyal with the real riddim, headed to Jamaica to work on her next release and she tweeted about it. And just yesterday, the gyal returned to her throne back in Japan to eat her ramen and relax. Please look forward to her next release.

Tags: fierce and flawless, music/musician (j-urban)

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