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Miri Masuda's Women's Manga Suu-chan Gets Film with Shibasaki Kou

Director Osamu Minorikawa is adapting Miri Masuda's Suu-chan manga series into a live-action film starring Shibasaki Kou, Yoko Maki, and Shinobu Terajima. The film, titled Suu-chan Mai-chan Sawako-chan, is currently scheduled to premiere in 2013. Shibasaki will play Suu-chan, a 34-year-old café employee, while Maki will play the 34-year-old office lady Mai-chan. Terajima will play Sawako-chan, a 39-year-old web designer.

Gentosha publishes Masuda's four-panel manga Suu-chan, which follows the daily lives of women who deal with their anxieties regarding love and work. The josei (women's) manga series has sold over 280,000 copies.

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