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[DRAG DIVAS] Queen Kaya to Release New Single!

After successfully finishing his Europe tour together with 砂月 (Satsuki) and with the final of his Vampire Requiem tour coming up next month, Kaya is already busy with a new release!

His new single is scheduled for release on June 20th and will be called SALOME. Further details are unknown as of now, but it’s already up for pre-order on HMV for 1,890 yen. Kaya will participate at the Tokyo Decadance DX special White at Christon Cafe on March 31st. Tickets to the event cost 4,000 yen. Attendants who follow the dress-code (white) will receive a 1,000 yen discount.

Furthermore, he will participate at D’s Mad Tea Party vol. 25 at Yokohama BLITZ on April 8th. Tickets are 4,200 yen and other participating artists include D, Versailles, Dolly and Lc5.

The final of his one-man tour, Kaya単独公演 薔薇の葬列 -Vampire Requiem- (Kaya tandoku kouen bara no souretsu -Vampire Requiem), will take place at Kichijouji STAR PINE’S CAFE on April 30th. Tickets are 4,000 yen.


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