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Naomi Kawashima 'treats' husband with cosplay

Actress Naomi Kawashima, 51, will start hosting a new radio program, “Mrs. DJ La・La・LaLan♪” with Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. She previously worked as a MC of “Miss DJ Request Parade” for 18 months nearly 30 years ago.

During the first program, which begins on Monday, Kawashima talks about her husband and how she uses cosplay to help him with his medical condition. Her husband, Toshihiko Yoroizuka, 46, is a famous patissier who suffers from obstruction of the central retinal vein, affecting his left eye.

Kawashima says she is relieved that he has cut back on drinking alcohol and is taking his medicine. “When he feels depressed, I cheer him up with cosplay,” she says.

She says she wore a sexy apron with headgear on Valentine’s Day and added that “cosplay treatment” makes him laugh.

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