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Ueto Aya mirrors Audrey Hepburn in new softbank CM

Softbank will release a new CM for the White Family series filmed in Rome. The CM is a parody of the film ‘Roman Holiday’, in which Ueto Aya imitates Audrey Hepburn, showing a princess-like smile in the CM.

Titled “Aya’s Holiday“, the CM has Ueto vacationing in Rome. All filming was located in Italy, and they reproduced famous scenes from “Roman Holiday”. The highlights in the CM are Aya’s neat and classic Anne princess style outfit, and the scene when Aya eats gelato at Spanish Steps and rides off with a guy on his scooter around sightseeing spots in Rome.

The filming was very large scale with Japanese and Italian crew as well as around 100 extras. They shot at 10 spots including Trevi Fountain and Bocca delle Verita.

Co-star Higuchi Kanako stated, “This is my second time visiting Italy, but it was my first time in Rome so I was looking forward to being there. Since filming was early in the morning, there were no other people and it seemed like we reserved those spots for us. It was a really luxurious time. I also tossed a coin into Trevi Fountain wishing to come again Rome. I took a picture with Aya-chan, and Oto-san, who also came with us on the plane, was very hyper [Laughs].”

‘Aya’s Holiday’ will start airing on March 31st.

source: tokyohive, walkerplus

CM & making of:

btw, this is the 130th White Family CM.
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