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Amuro Namie is reliant on a psychic’s advice.

I know it’s April 1st but I’ve already contributed my part to an April Fool’s joke. I thought it was a giant April Fool’s joke that Jin was featured on Access Hollywood’s weekend edition but then I realized I’m not that important in the grand scheme of things for NBC to want to troll me on my off-days. This article is not an April Fool’s joke. Don’t believe me? Just click on the source and read it yourself.

People were able to catch a glimpse into the strange relationship entertainers have with fortune tellers after the recent Nakajima Tomoko brainwashing scandal. What they didn’t know is that well-known songstress is also considered to be the next target of another potential fortune teller scandal.

This singer has had a hard life, but right now she is able to maintain her popularity with a string of hit singles. Outwardly, she is a singer who is walking to the beat of her own drum, both in her career and in private, but in private, she is a wreck with little to no self-esteem.

“A while ago, she was dating a famous comedian. But before they started going out, her trusted fortune teller told her that she was going to marry an architect. She was surprised by the revelation herself. At first she thought she has finally found the one, but at the end, the two of them separated.” Said an entertainment insider.

Nakajima Tomoko’s psychic gave an interview to Tokudane recently. Instead of shedding light onto the complicated relationship she had with Nakajima, she managed to cause more questions to be raised. It seems that there are many famous people out there with self-esteem issues that can be easily preyed on by fortune tellers.

Now, Amuro Namie might not have broken up with London Boots’ Tsuyoshi  Atsushi due to the fortune teller’s advice, but the fortune teller’s prediction might have contributed to the end of the relationship. Namie and Tsuyoshi Atsushi were seen in Arizona a couple years ago, not afraid of showing affections in public but the relationship went sour rather quickly after that.

(Source: geinou-7days.seesaa.net) translated by uso-ippai

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