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Top10 Calorie Karaoke Songs Ranking 2012!!

On March 29th  .Daiichi kosho , Karaoke system company ,have revealed  a list of  their "Top 10 Calorie Karaoke" that will burn the most amount of calories as you sing your way to slimness.

The results were taken from the top 100 Most Requested Songs of 2011.

TOP 10 Calorie Burning Karaoke Songs !!

#1 Shonan no kaze - Suirenka 21.3 Kcal

Before ,they sang the song ,they really used energies na ~ hahahaha
Definitely agree this song 's very exhausting to sing = ="

#2 Kobukuro - Akai Ito   19.7 Kcal

#3 Shonan no kaze -  Juurenka 19.5 Kcal

#4 Kobukuro -Sakura 18.7 Kcal

#5 Kobukuro -Tsubomi 18 Kcal

#6 Nishino Kana -Best Friend 17.7Kcal

#7 DREAMS COME TRUE - Mirai Yosouzo II  17.5KCal

#8 Fujitani Miwako & Oouchi Yoshiaki - Ai ga Umareta Hi 17.2Kcal

#9 Mr.Children -HANABI 16.6Kcal

Chorus is very exhausting especially " Mou Ikkai" XD

#10 Ikimono gakari -Arigatou 16.5 Kcal

Really agree with all song in this list !! ..Flawless .
All Kobukuro and Shonan no Kaze 's songs in this list  is  difficult to sing but easily listen .Mr.Children 's Hanabi too

Source : Oricon

C'mon ! Let's sing songs to burn your callories !! ,lol XD
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