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8:38 pm - 04/02/2012

Sakurai Sho caught being rude to fans at train station

On March 11th, around the time of last year’s Tohoku Earthquake, Sakurai Sho visited residents of the Aizuwakamatsu area of Fukushima, in order to tape a broadcasting of Nippon’s Television “Fukkou Terebi Minna no Chikara”.

At the taping, Sakurai was mostly without smiles, from beginning to end, only endowed with a serious face. Viewers who watched the program were apparently heart-torn at his demeanor. A few hours later after the taping, Sakurai was allegedly sighted at a Tokyo train station.

“It was around 10 P.M. when the Shinkansen arrived,” claims a train passenger. “Fangirls, who somehow found out the information he was going to be there there, were already waiting”.

That day Sakurai, due to being in a disguise of only wearing a cap, was quickly exposed.

“When he started down the stairs heading quickly to the ticket barrier, a ton of fangirls crowded around him. In the next moment, Sho-kun gave the girls a sharp look as if to say ‘don’t talk to me’”.

Instead of shaking hands or signing autographs, Sakurai only appeared to show a glaring face as if he was giving a threatening look to them. Then, when he saw a fan with a camera phone in her hand, a surprising outburst occurred.

A passenger who happened to be present claims that, “[Sakurai] shouted ‘don’t take pictures!’ at the girl and knocked the cellphone that she was holding out her hand. He did it with a lot of force so when the cellphone hit the ground the place went into an uproar. A color of distinct terror oozed out of that girl’s face.”

Without even caring about the fallen phone, Sakurai allegedly went to the exit at full speed. Even after having his ticket examined, his anger didn’t subside.

“While saying ‘stop’, he just kept brushing off the fangirl’s hands while walking. In the end he knocked down about 5 cellphones. He didn’t even give some sort of apology.”

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jeugd1 3rd-Apr-2012 01:46 am (UTC)
LOL at potential racist...I'm not one of those self hating black ppl, let's get that straight
hitting your fans with an umbrella, smashing their phones, verbally abusing them is all fucked up to me
his spoiled ass is far from being a victim here but keep going bb, your doing swell in this post
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and by the way there is a new Kis-My-Flop post, shouldn't you be in there?
kamelover101 3rd-Apr-2012 01:51 am (UTC)
Brb, laughing.

Kis-my-flop sells 100 times more than 2ne1 . lol

jeugd1 3rd-Apr-2012 02:08 am (UTC)
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ryocchi 3rd-Apr-2012 03:44 am (UTC)
HE is an IDOL he can't go doing that, is part of his fucking job, and before you come here saying i love kpop, i hate JYJ just because they did the same fucking thing, AND I love JE.

So no, he cannot treat his fans like that is inexcusable.
dokyungsoo 3rd-Apr-2012 04:26 am (UTC)
Inexcusable? They had a valid reason for defending themselves, try to put yourselves in their shoes and have hoards of people stalking you, molesting you, hitting you, invading your privacy, shitting on your doorstep all round the clock and then doing the same to your family, just to get attention. Sometimes there are lines we cross when nothing else can actually be done, since the police are doing nothing to help. If you can say for certain that you won't display any violence in that situation, then I hope for your mental and physical safety that you'll never be that unfortunate to meet with the same fate as they have for eight years and counting.

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lady_ryora 3rd-Apr-2012 06:23 am (UTC)
Ur ryt... As far as I remember, JE rule over fans is we as fans should not follow JE talents, stalk and take pictures on them. And base on Sho's personality, he is the type of person/artist who hates noisy fans.... I remember the issue happened in Keio that when his fans gather there, in front of keio during exam day and he said "STOP IT" and the fans suddenly be quite.

Actually, for me as a fan, if i will follow Sho, maybe I will not that get near or be like run towards him, asking him to shake hands on me or ask him for an autograph cause there is always a place for those things. Not all the time, you could ask for it. Artist are also humans who knows how to be tired. Give them rest and peace. They need it also.

I know what Im saying cause I've been with an artist within 2 1/2 years. And even he is the kindest artist I know, when he is in the situation like Sho, he just leaving the place and avoiding fans who keep on following him. Reason? He's wants enjoy his free time then fans will popped up? How can he will enjoy then?

Before judging Sho's, and other artist like Sho, actions towards fans, think about it first. You should know first the feeling of being artist before commenting.
zero_shichi 3rd-Apr-2012 10:20 am (UTC)
dokyungsoo 3rd-Apr-2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
there is always a place for those things.

Couldn't have said it better myself. There are fan signings, concerts and other fan meetings/events for such behaviour. Isn't that the point of organizing them in the first place? They are human, too, they've given up so much of their privacy for the sake of their fans, the least we could do is pay for our entrance and give them a warm welcome without crossing the line. No, no human should ever be entitled to give up more than what he signed up for - and that is privacy outside of public events. People need to stop using the ignorant argument that idols should expect this sort of inappropriate behaviour from fans just because they happen to be famous.

It's easy for people to sit back and judge someone - both his words and his actions - because most of them are fans themselves. They can't help looking from that point of view, the point of the abused, but so many of them forgo looking at the other point of view, the point of the stalked. And who started it? While you might find it unnecessary for him to retaliate with violence, then please do suggest a better idea. Telling them "politely" to stop it might work for some, but for the rabid fans, I don't think it's going to budge them. Action must be taken when it's prompted.

I don't understand why it's so difficult for some to comprehend that, that's all.
elven_myth 3rd-Apr-2012 02:25 pm (UTC)
Totally agree with you!

While it may appear harsh, I don't think this situation could have been handled any other way. It's unlikely that the girls would stop taking pictures if Sho asked them politely. Plus, they should be aware of JE policy!
asth77 3rd-Apr-2012 12:45 pm (UTC)
whether or not one can bear it is not the fucking point.
Raging at the idea JYJ gets a free pass so easily with fucked up opinions.
dokyungsoo 3rd-Apr-2012 02:24 pm (UTC)
It's not the point? Are you serious? So what happens when he can't bear it any longer? Believe it or not, their lives might have been at stake. What happens then? Nothing?

Do you not know anything about stalkers?

I'm not giving them a "free pass", I'm looking at it from both points of views and it's unfair for someone not to expect such a reaction from them when they weren't even the ones who started it.

They could have been cool about it?

Okay, so when someone is invading your privacy, you are supposed to just sit back and let them do whatever they want to your body?

No, that is not okay at all.
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