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Kalafina will sing a new song for children show

The Kalafina official site today announced that Kalafina will sing a new song, titled moonfesta~ムーンフェスタ~ which will be used in NHK’s children music program Minna No Uta between June and July, 2012. However there has been no mention of single release yet. Click here to visit the show’s official site.

Kalafina member Keiko expressed her joy on her official blog saying, “How this new song will be felt by everyone, I’m nervous, yet very excited at the same time!

moonfesta~ムーンフェスタ~ will be written, composed, and arranged by Kajiura Yuki, who has continued to produce Kalafina’s songs since their debut. This song will be featured alongside a video by Oomomo Yousuke and Kawano Hiroki from The Department of Animation of the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Source 1 + Source 2

Kalafna song for children? Totally can't imagine

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