Logan (thatbananayes) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Cheeky Parade Updates

Cheeky Parade updates! Their "Chikipa Tsushin" series on youtube has been continuing. Watch them goof off, practice, and perform! Each is a nice watch.

Cheeky Parade held a live on 4/1 which included the selling of their debut indie single, Cheeky dreamer. It sold 5,000 copies.

Cheeky Parade and SUPER GiRLS will be modes on the weather app, Bijin-tenki. The app has images of cute girls holding black boards in which the weather is displayed.

On 4/8, Cheeky Parade will be in a live stream on niconico. Other groups shall be participating as well, including SUPER GiRLS, C-ute, Up Up Girls, Dorothy Little Happy, Denpagumi.inc, and Baby Metal.

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