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A.B.C-Z national tour and events are a desperate act to boost sales?

While A.B.C-Z will go down in history as the first Johnny’s group to make a DVD debut, they are now struggling to keep sales up, reports Cyzowoman.

A.B.C-Z’s DVD “Za ABC ~5 stars~” made its debut on the DVD charts at No.1 in February and their debut event had attracted more than 15,000 fans in Tokyo.  A bright start, but a Cyzowoman source paints a not-so-bright journey of the group’s activity since.  Even though the group had started at the top, the DVD has only sold about 56,000 copies so far.

“They’re going around Osaka, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo right now.  Following on from the Osaka leg, it had been decided to squeeze in a hand-shaking event at every other venue.  Of course admission isn’t free, only the people who buy a copy of the DVD at the venue get to take part.  You get a free A.B.C-Z hand towel as well, but it looks more like a desperate act to boost sales.

“Of course, choosing a DVD debut was probably favoured over a CD debut.  Right now the group does not have what it takes to compete against other artists.  But even so, these sale numbers are disappointing…  After the Osaka event, sales did go up a little, but I doubt they’ll go over the 100,000 mark.  If they were to make a CD debut, I think they would be the worst-selling Johnny’s group to date,” said one source.

It has been reported a number of Johnny’s fans like to buy the debut single of groups other than the one they support, a kind of way to say congratulations.  In this sense A.B.C-Z should have a large number of supporters since they have been back dancers for a number of Johnny’s groups.  But if the sales to date include the copies bought by these supporters, what is going to happen next?  But most importantly, asking fans to buy several copies of a product might not be the best way to open up a future for A.B.C-Z.


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