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New album and national hall tour for Superfly

On April 4th, vocalist Ochi Shiho’s solo project Superfly was streamed in a live broadcast via UStream and Nico Nico Douga, where she announced she will be releasing her new album, ‘Force’, on September 19th.

Ochi Shiho announced that she would be releasing her new album 'Force' on September 19th in a live broadcast via Nico Nico and UStream.

During the broadcast, She appeared with a new pretty haircut and reported, “April 4th is Shi Four (Shiho) day! Superfly has welcomed our 5th year anniversary!” After the annoucement, she performed a new song called ‘Heisei Homo Sapiens’.

It’s known that the album will come in 3 versions: A Limited Edition (CD+Privilege CD), a Regular Edition (CD-Only), and 5 Year Anniversary Limited Edition (CD+Privilege CD+Analog Version+Poster).

Also, Superfly announced that she will be holding a nationwide hall tour from October to January of 2013.

I think her new hairstyle looks superbly refreshing :)


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