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Which female idol group will have their big break this year?

Starting from AKB48, various entertainment agencies have given birth to numerous idol groups from Momoiro Clover Z to Fairies.
With this idol group phenomenon in mind, goo decided to ask its users, “Which female idol group will have their big break this year?”
Also for this ranking, all of the idol groups listed below shared their recommended tracks for first time listeners. In addition, the idol group who topped this ranking provided a special thank you message to goo users for voting them into the first place.
Check out who came out on top below!

1. Nogizaka46 (Recommended Song: “Guru Guru Curtain“)

Nogizaka46’s Special Message for goo

2. Momoiro Clover Z (Recommended Song: “Ikuze! Kaito Shojo“)
3. SKE48 (Recommended Song: “1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!“)
4. SUPER☆GiRLS (Recommended Song: “MAX! Otomegokoro“)
5. NMB48 (Recommended Song: “Oh My God!“)
6. Fairies (Recommended Song: “More Kiss“)
7. Idoling!!! (Recommended Song: “MAMORE!!!“)
8. PASSPO☆ (Recommended Song: “Shoujo Hikou“)
9. S/mileage (Recommended Song: “Uchouten LOVE“)
10. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (Recommended Song: “Motto Hashire!!“)


I'm rooting for MomoClo, tbh. Not sure SKE48 should be on the list. I don't think they're at 'waiting for their big break' status.
Tags: fairies, idoling!!!, idols, momoiro clover, nmb48, nogizaka46, passpo, s/mileage, ske48

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