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Se7en to launch overseas promotions with upcoming Japanese single “Love Again”

will be starting overseas promotion with the release of a new single in Japan.

Earlier today, YG Entertainment shared that Se7en will release a new single, “Love Again“, in Japan on the 25th.

With his goodbye stage on SBSs “Inkigayo” last month, Se7en finished promotions in Korea and will be focusing on promotions in other parts of Asia with the release of his Japanese single.

Se7en received lots of love for his recent comeback in three years in Korea with “When I Can’t Sing“, written by J.Y. Park, and and electronic dance song, “Somebody Else“.

YG Entertainment’s associate shared, “‘Love Again’ will be a new song that will be released only in Japan, and will be a dance/pop song with Se7en’s special charms added to the mix. In the coming May, Se7en will visit cities such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka to hold the new single release showcases.”

Source: allkpop
Star News via Naver
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