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Please welcome the new students of Horikoshi's 1-D class!

Every year, Horikoshi accept special class from entertainment world. Yes, 1-D class.
This April, the new student was attending entrance ceremony, and the list of new students has been available.
New class 1-D members:

Girl’s Troops

1. Iwasaki Nami

Birthday: October 25,1996

2. Kawamoto Momo

This is her photo when she was 10 years old. She was performing on Misora Hibari’s Story Stage theatre. Birthday: March 25, 1997

3. Sato Aika

From Anchor Management. Birthday: July 25, 1996

4. Shima Yuuka

She is the winner of the best woman in Kimono 2011. Apparently, She comes from Japanese traditional family. In this competition, she has to do many things like tea ceremony, etc. She was the youngest participant at that time. She is a great pianist too. Perhaps, she is the young lady of Yamato Nadeshiko!

5. Takahashi Mina

Bitrthday: January 4, 1997

6. Tsuji Miyuu

Birthday: July 6, 1996. If you notice her, she was appearing on [3B Kinpachi Sensei Final SP] together with Okamoto Keito.

7. Tomomatsu Hanaho

The member of Idol College group. Birthday: February 21, 1997

8. Mizutani Yuiko

The member of Love Berry Management. 

9. Miyoshi Ayaka

She is from Amuse Entertainment. Birthday: June 18, 1996. If you notice her, she is Sayaka in Risou no Musuko (the girl who always in wheelchair and asked Yamada Ryosuke to do crossdress).

10. Yamashita Rieko

I don’t have photo or info. Seems this girl use other name in entertainment world.

11. Yamamoto Moeka

The member of Horipro Entertainment. Birthday: April 22, 1996.

Boys Troops

1. Inoue Tsubasa

He is the member of Stardust Entertainment. Birthday: May 23, 1996.

2. Satou Shouri

The member of Sexy Zone from Johnnys Entertainment. Birthday: October 30, 1996 

3. Terasaka Hiroki

He is from Stardust Entertainment. Birthday: February 12, 1996.

Congratulations for all new students!!

Source: The official 1-D's absence name

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