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10:10 am - 04/07/2012

Oguri Shun comments on his wife Yamada Yu for the first time

On April 6th, actor Oguri Shun made a guest appearance on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s music chart program, ‘Supacan!‘, where he made his first comment about his wife, actress Yamada Yu.

Oguri was invited by radio personality Muro Tsuyoshi to the ”This Week’s Friend” segment on the program. When Muro asked, “Shun-chan, do you have someone you love?“, Oguri responded, “Me? I love my wife. Of course!

He also revealed his desire to become a father saying, “People in my generation are getting married and becoming fathers. When I meet with them after a long time, I feel they’ve become manly, and I become envious of them.

Oguri also expressed that he is rather fed up with reporters always chasing after him. “We have professional jobs. We have to deal with various things. However, [the reporters] are unreasonable, just throwing straight balls at us. In that situation, I feel, why should we talk about it?

He continued, “I’ll talk if I’m asked at a place like this. Here, there is nobody that can hurt me.

Source & Image: Sponichi and tokyohive

kame_94 7th-Apr-2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
Aww, I hope he keeps that love for his wife in mind and doesn't let that love wander.. I think they're such an adorable couple, tbh.

I completely agree with his second comment.. Reporters are psycho sometimes. >< Seriously, there needs to be more laws about what constitutes as stalking.
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