Pedro (prismboy) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Kyarypamyupamyu releases a new version of "PONPONPON" featuring Perfume!

Kyarypamyupamyu will include a new version of "PONPONPON" in her new album coming up this May titled "BOMB BOMB BOMB", and will feature none other than Perfume! Check the PV preview below!

Haaa, just kidding! April Fool's! Yes yes, April Fool's was over like a week ago. But like, hear me out. Electronic band The Aprils, released this parody of Kyarypamyupamyu on April Fool's Day! They're known to do this almost every year, they've also done other parodies with the likes of Perfume and capsule. So this year, they decided to parody Nakata Yasutaka's new act, Kyary! The reason why I posted now it's because I was waiting to post this on April Fool's Day, but when April Fool's Day was over in Japan, The Aprils made this video private. So it was too late. But not anymore, so yeah, better late than never. If you're interested in their previous parodies, click here. HAPPY EASTER GUISE!

Tags: kyary pamyu pamyu, music/musician (j-tek & electronic), perfume, pv

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