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Hélène Hayama announces her marriage during live broadcast

On April 3, Nippon TV’s announcer Hayama Hélène (29) announced her April 1st marriage. Hayama, the host of NTV’s ‘Sukkiri’ program (Monday – Friday from 8AM), made the announcement during the live broadcast of the April 3 show.

The beautiful half-Japanese Hayama’s sudden announcement of her marriage during the morning tea portion was both refreshing and surprising. She announced with a face full of joy that, “For April Fools, I completed my marriage registration. I am no longer a Hayama.

She revealed that her one-year-younger husband is a non-celebrity she met through a friend and that “from close-up,” he looks like actor Mukai Osamu (30) as she confidently held up a portrait she drew of her husband. Last month, a weekly magazine reported that Hayama was hot and heavy with a man that resembled Mukai Osamu.

She stressed that their relationship was serious from the start and that every day, they talked about getting married and she was charmed by him. She commented, “Even if I have nothing, he gives me a full life.

Hayama lovingly calls her husband “Turbo” while he lovingly calls her “Hele”. Their relationship seems to be in a state of being “turbo in full throttle.” She revealed that her husband proposed to her with the words, “From the beginning, I thought about marrying you, and I have not changed my mind at all.

Hayama has no plans for a ceremony and will continue to work. She stated with the enthusiasm of a newlywed, “I will take this opportunity as an adult to work harder.

Her co-host Katou Koji (42) gave his blessing with, “Congratulations. To be honest, I did not think you were capable of a serious marriage.

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