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1:53 pm - 04/10/2012

Oshio Manabu to write a tell-all book, could threaten the whole industry

"About the Oshio Manabu article, people on the net said it's Nakai, Ayu, and Ishikawa Ebizo" - Uso-ippai twitter

Actor Oshio Manabu could get a sentence for as long as 3 and a half years due to drug-related charges. He also realized that it would be impossible for him to make a comeback in the entertainment industry after he has served his time. So what’s a guy to do if he can’t get an income? Write a tell-all book of course.

If he writes a tell-all, he would not be doing anymore damage to his already irreparable career and reports have said that the book will feature actual names! Some people have even speculated that a national idol’s name will be revealed in his book.

Up until now, Oshio has kept his mouth shut about his famous friends and the seediness of the entertainment industry, but he might not for the right price.

An entertainment insider said, “I’ve heard the rumors that he might write a tell-all. He didn’t tell the police anything about his famous friends or entertainment insiders during the investigation and took the whole blame for the incident. But I wonder if he’ll talk about his friends in his tell-all.”

As for the book in question, it seems that he’s also going to write about his famous friends who have used/are currently using drugs.

“He’s not the only one. There are plenty of famous people who are using drugs, like a national idol, a famous songtress, and a Kabuki actor. Those are not just the only ones, but I feel that he might write about them.”

Finally, he might also write about the relationship the entertainment industry has with the Yakuza. If he does, he might get some form of retaliation while he’s in prison for being a snitch. There is a high possibility that such a book will be published since he is currently having financial difficulties.

For those who are wondering, he’s the D-list actor who let a girl died after giving her drugs around the time Nori-P was also arrested for drug possession.

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