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4:21 pm - 04/10/2012

Strong Independent Womyn of J-R&B post

Japanese number one female producer AILI releases her new pv which features SKY-HI from AAA and is produced by  Spicy Chocolate.


Ms. Ooja has released two new pvs  off her last single Letter... and is going to release her sophomore album Heart hot off the heels of her successful single BE..., to be released May 9.


My Way



01 Intro
02 Be. . .
03 My Way
04 ジレンマ~I’m your side~
05 Interlude~ロックミーベイビー~
06 I gotta feel
07 Foibidden Love
08 最後の言葉
09 get over
10 One way Drive
11 I can change
12 Letter


YU-A has released eclectic covers for her third album Dream




Erika Hashimoto a hot debut artist from last year softens her image for her new single Flower out May 2.

[DISC:1]  CD
1. Flowers
2. Beat It
3. Rain Drop

[DISC:2]  特典DVD
1. 「Flowers」 MUSIC VIDE


M-flo's ex-member LISA is releasing a new album on May 16.


1. New Days
2. Smile Again feat. JAMOSA
3. Your Birthday
4. 瞳をとじて (LISA with 押尾コータロー)
5. Pages...
6. color
-「リトルワールド」TVCMタイアップソング -
7. Angel feat. ZANE
8. Never Alone
-テレビ東京系列 『たけしのニッポンのミカタ!』エンディングテーマ-
9. Winter Sky
10. Family

bonus tracks
11. Only You mix LISA / FIREWORK DJs
12. So Bright feat. LISA / YUMMY
13. 「www.~World Wide Wisteria~」 Collaboration with LISA / 杏子
14. BREAK FREE feat. LISA / 中村舞子
15. Back Stage Pass feat. LISA / CLIFE EDGE


hope they all do well, so happy my Queen of RnB BENI is slaying the charts<33
kiminikaeru 10th-Apr-2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
at first i thought this was a post about AI lol

excited for yu-a's album tbh
(no subject) - Anonymous
ohprecioustime 11th-Apr-2012 12:47 pm (UTC)
Errrrr the fact you got where I got my title from means it wasn't
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