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Matsuoka Masahiro & Masuda Takahisa to star in stage play "Hai iro no Kanaria" (plot synopsis)

One morning, Fuji (Masuda Takahisa) wakes up in Kana's bed. 
Kana (Okina Megumi) who mysteriously went missing a few years back, is an important musician.
The previous night's circumstances are unknown to Fuji. 
Kana smiles mysteriously, "It's all right, we haven't done anything yet." 

There, when a strangely familiar upper room resident and a woman editor who appeared in order to get the scoop on the indeed suspicious electronic store, the situation becomes more and more complicated. 

Meanwhile, just as Fuji starts to embrace his fleeting feelings for Kana, suddenly a man dressed in a pizza uniform(Matsuoka Masahiro) pulls Kana into a hot embrace. Who is this man? Kana's dead lover?!

Suddenly, the truth from a few years ago surfaces.

Can Fuji solve the mystery of this incident? Will he be able to tell Kana of his fleeting feelings?

A "fantastic love comedy" packed with laughs and suspense. 

Source (1) (2)

Wanted to add that the translation probably isn't perfect, I'm by no means fluent, and feel free to leave a better translation in the comments. 

I'm wishing him good luck!! 

ETA: Dates, location and times can be found on the second source's link!

Tags: news, tegomass, tokio

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