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Perfume releases in 50 countries, sees highest first-day sales ever

Popular techno-pop unit Perfume released their new song, "Spring of Life" today in 50 countries through the iTunes Store. In accordance with this release, their record label, Universal Music, has given the group their own label, Perfume Records. This is being touted as a full-blown start into the group's "advancement into the world market"

Their recent February album, "JPN," was also released in 50 countries on the iTunes Store and the physical CD version was made available in six Asian nations this month (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). Chaku-uta and Chaku-uta full versions have also been made available.

The girls have also reached their highest first-day sales ever with the new single on Oricon's daily singles chart with 49,448 copies sold.

Oricon News & Oricon Rank
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