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5:12 pm - 04/12/2012

Matsuura Aya announces the closing of her twitter account

On April 10th, singer Matsuura Aya (25) posted her last tweet and announced that she will close her Twitter account from this day onward.

For her last tweet, Matsuura posted, “I started Twitter back on my 10th anniversary and although this account was created on a whim, it was a lot fun.” With her recent picture as an attachment to this final post, she ended her tweet with, “For my last tweet, I will attach a picture of my new hairstyle, eyelash extensions and new nail art. Bye bye~ Thank you,” and thanked all her followers with the post.

Her 46,000 followers and fans are lamenting over the end of her Twitter posts.

In related news, Matsuura announced that she was diagnosed with endometriosis back in August of last year. Since then, she pledged that she will continue her work “without pushing [herself] too hard” and halted any major activities.


sadistic_dance 12th-Apr-2012 06:04 am (UTC)
Aw, Ayaya D:
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