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3:24 pm - 04/12/2012

X Japan wins the “Best International Band” Award at the Golden Gods Awards

Japanese rock band X Japan took home the award for Best International Band Wednesday night at the Golden Gods Awards, after becoming the first Asian band to ever be nominated America’s biggest hard rock awards show..

X Japan beat out internationally acclaimed Rammstein (Germany), Lacuna Coil (Italy), Sepultura (Brazil), Behemoth (Poland), and Meshuggah (Sweden).

Below, Yoshiki’s acceptance speech for the award:
Thank you Revolver. Thank you so much for recognizing us. Some people might have heard of us, we're from Japan. Well, our band name is X Japan. We toured North America in 2010, and did our first world tour last year. Now we are finishing our first worldwide debut album. And we are planning on doing another world tour soon. And to our beloved fans: Thank you so much for your support, we are going to keep on rocking. And we f*cking love you.”

Held at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, the fourth annual Golden Gods awards handed out 11 awards Wednesday night. Other winners included Avenged Sevenfold, Slash, Korn, and Evanescence. The Black Carpet and Show was broadcasted on XBox Live and will be aired again this year on VH1.

X Japan is one of the most successful rock bands in Japanese history. The group plans to release their first English language album and is currently scheduling their next world tour.

Collection of Yoshiki's tweets:
"OMG! We won!! We fxxkin love you!! 勝ったよ~!!! みんなのおかげだよ!!"
"We have the most amazing fans in the world!! You are amazing.. Love you so much!!!自分達のファンは世界一だ!!"
"....I'm at home celebrating, eating chocolate... haha! ...今家でお祝いにチョコを食べている。。。
"To our beloved fans, this award is for you!! Thank you so much!! 親愛なるファンのみんなへ、この賞をみんなに捧げる!! ありがとう!!

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Special mention to this website that calls the victory of X Japan the "biggest upset tonight"... [Well, thanks for ignoring/disrespecting the vote of the fans]

I have to say it - "We are X!" ^_^
Couldn't watch the event sadly due to time differences, but the actual awarding ceremony seemed ...pretty lame. I think it's rather obvious that people wanted someone else to win, I can understand that but whatever happened to professionalism?

PS: First time posting, I hope this is okay.
aya_sama3000 12th-Apr-2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
i need to see this

can never have too much jericho <3
brucelynn 12th-Apr-2012 07:56 pm (UTC)
I think he was the host ^__^
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